Spring Retreat

Spring in the Year of Renewal Healing Retreat – Inviting God In

Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat

Friday May 5th 10am-4pm

ARE YOU… Ready to live your passions?  

                   …Wanting to be who you truly are?                        

DO YOU…Find yourself doubting that God will provide?

                …Feel that your gifts don’t really measure up. 

CAN YOU…Imagine a Life without Fear?

                …Center yourself to be in the flow of unconditional love at will? 

Imagine living a life where people appear to help you with exactly what you need, right when you need them.

Imagine unlimited prosperity –not necessarily material riches and things, but true prosperity that comes from allowing God in to bring miracles and blessings.

Imagine a world where this is possible and encouraged!

Imagine you are part of the solution and not just talking about it or shouting about it, but actually living it and having fun too!

It’s been said, “With God anything is possible.”  So why not see where God’s leading takes you.

This is not about a list of ways to impress God with how good you are at following rules.

This is about allowing the essence of Christ Consciousness into your being.  Its’ about inviting your life to open up to the possibilities, the blessings, the miracles that have already been provided for you should you get into alignment with them.

So aligning ourselves with the consciousness of Jesus to know that as he stated in scripture, “All of these things, and greater than these you can also do, if you but believe. And if you ask anything in my name, I’ll do it.”

When we ask and do it in alignment with Jesus then we can do even greater!




So let us go on this journey to uncover your Divinity, letting it shine and bringing the Light into you.

Here’s what we’ll do at Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center


  • Channeled prayer – this is present time living prayer
  • Guided meditation to create opening in our energy
  • Healing modalities, including Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (Dr. Tanya English is a Master of this technique) and Emotional Freedom Technique (you’ll learn a basic script and tapping points and can use it on your own anytime) to clear the subconscious debris
  • Enjoy a walking Labyrinth, pond and walking trails and organic vegetarian meal made with local produce, lovingly prepared

You will come away with

  • A nurtured soul – experiencing the depth of love that resides in you
  • Awareness of the power of peace you can bring into your life
  • Tools to use at any time to bring you back to center                                  –simple easy to do
  • Ways to include this into your daily life easily and effortlessly                 –practice using the tools together
  • Support for your next steps – each person receives an Intuitive Strategy Session to help you discern what would be most beneficial in moving on
  • Bonus!  A ½ hour Intuitive Energy Scan over the phone/skype/zoom.us for all attendees before the retreat!

Limited to 8 souls

If you have been waiting for a time to give yourself permission to take a day out of your life to center yourself and see what you want to really attract into your life, this is the time.

This is a day for opening to Love and Healing. Even in loss miracles occur and something new can happen.

Spend this time away from all the “realities” in life and come to your center.

Space is limited so you can receive individual care.

Investment in your ideal life: $147


Taking that step will start the transformation right now.

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