How do you know you’ll be ok?

How do you know you’ll be ok?
When we know something – whether its a fact or a belief – how do we really know it?
Well the short answer is – we can’t. We can only decide based on the evidence we have that something is true or not true. We decide to believe something is true. We decide to believe. Ask yourself this: If I decide to believe this do I feel good? If I decide to believe that do I feel worse or negative? Does your decision to believe something create new avenues, open you up or shut you down? What feels better, opening or shutting?
Answer these questions and you’ll see if your beliefs are holding you from your highest good. Because your highest good is good for everyone. And you can decide to believe that too!

In the Money Shadows Program we actually bring this to your beliefs about abundance and prosperity. Your ideas of what prosperity is may be completely different from another’s belief. Don’t let that shut you down.
When we do Deep Radical Forgiveness, we make room for more abundance, love and joy to come in, instead of discomfort, dis-ease and disease.
And how about Discovering Your Divine Purpose? When you follow your passions, what’s already interesting and juicy and fun for you, your passions lead you to your purpose! You being on purpose is your highest good and that’s good for everyone!

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Blessings to you,
Dr. Tanya English
P.S. Everyone gets a breakthrough, everyone!