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What is Healing with the Blues?

Blues Music commands the present moment, demanding that you forget the woes of your past and deal with the trials ahead. It demands that you get into this song and this feeling right now and, like gospel, give yourself, entirely over to the inspiration.

-Stax Records

Let all of your thoughts of what, when, and how leave and experience it through your heart. I’ll show you how to open your heart and mind energetically in a safe and loving way.

Unlike other energy healing that does something TO you, we, prayerfully and musically, walk alongside you, to clear up old traumas, limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer align with your highest good. This brings harmonious, creative, inspiring expanded awareness, peace and calm to your life.

-Dr. Tanya English
Founder of Quantum Healing International

Check out the Energy Healing page for more information.

The Tanya English Band

The Tanya English Band started out of the George’s Buffet Monday Night All Stars gigs. After several years of showing up to sing a few tunes we decided to create our own band with Ed on bass, of course, and me on vocals. With Unka Led English, a crucial member of the live music scene in the area for the past 20 years, we can recruit other players from the amazing pool of musicians in the area. So you never know who is going to show up! Makes for a lively event!


Bonnie, Sippi Wallace, Koko, Janiva Magnus, Gregg Allman, North Mississippi All Stars, Mavis

Booking Agent

Ed English


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