Women Up to Big Things!


Be Grounded in Your Vision Without Being Ground Down By It.

As a entrepreneurial woman, you have so much to share with the world! And you so want to use your gifts and abilities to their fullest extent to bring more happiness, abundance, healing and joy to others and yourself…

But if you’re like so many talented women, something is holding you back.

Every time you start stepping into your power, those little doubts and fears pull you back in to those secure little hiding places in your heart and mind.

These hiding places can show up anywhere: in your business, in your relationships, even in your health.

And they feel so nice and safe and comfy-cozy…until they start to feel boring, constricting and small.

In fact, if you stay in these hiding places too long, they will choke the life out of you—and your dreams.

Sometimes, these doubts and fears aren’t even yours.

Not every friend or family member is interested in you becoming your full self. Some even think it’s selfish and that you aren’t playing with a full deck or in the drama that has been established. And they start saying and doing things that take the wind right out of your sails – and send you right back into those cramped little safety spots.

And that can be the most hurtful thing of all.  

Whether those doubts and fears are coming from ourselves or others, when we hold ourselves back from our truest version of ourselves it takes so much energy. Energy that we could be using to move forward and fulfill our life.

Are you ready to step out of the shadows and into the full glory of who you are and what you have to bring to the world?

If you are feeling that none of that garbage fits you anymore and you’re ready to move forward towards putting your abilities and spiritual gifts in the front seat…

…If you know in your heart that you’ll never feel fulfilled until you start really and truly sharing your amazing vision for what your life (and the lives of others) can be—and have it actually show up for you

it’s time to step out of hiding and get the support and nurturing you need to come out of your secure hiding places.

You CAN do it!

You see, for women entrepreneurs, social support isn’t just nice to have. It’s vital. And when it’s not there, it’s devastating.

We humans weren’t meant to go it alone. Women, especially, thrive when we come together and support each other to be the very best we can be. Working together, we create miracles.

You CAN live your life using your gifts and abilities in alignment with Spirit/God/Source Energy to bring you the fulfillment you’ve always wanted. Grounding yourself and allowing Spirit/God/Source Energy to go out before you and smooth the path for you is the way miracles happen.  Then your Big Vision has no choice but to come to fruition!

It’s hard work to make decisions primarily from our mind the way most of us have been taught. Relying on your knowledge and what you’ve learned and hoping you hit the right note.

I know. I’ve been in the practice of healing others for over 30 years. I’ve seen many miracles happen when people let themselves surrender and get into alignment with God Energy. It happens when we let go of all our preconceived notions of how hard it all is or how we aren’t enough or any of our victim stories.

But for many people—empathic women, especially—it’s really hard to get there by yourself. It can be so easy to be distracted by these stories that keep coming up and getting in the way.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join in this unique opportunity exclusively for entrepreneurial women ready to step fully into the life of their dreams:

BE YOURSELF FULLY NOW is 6-month program in Transformational Energy Healing allowing you to create and bring your vision into your life.


  • Clear old beliefs and unprocessed feelings that keep you stuck in your “story”… and FREE you of those old patterns so you can step into the awesomeness of who you are.
  • Dive into your own subconscious to actually update your body’s physiology so that those old patterns can’t keep that death grip on you anymore.
  • Invite Source Energy/God/Spirit in and surrender to what you know is Your True Path…and enjoy incredible support all along the way.
  • Get out of your head and learn to move through your heart, the way all miracles occur.

BE YOURSELF FULLY NOW is about allowing yourself to be easily led to your power. It’s not about checking the right boxes and making sure you know a lot about a lot. It’s about allowing your truest self to be heard. It’s about that vision you have for your life and it showing up through your heart.

And with the nurturing support provided it will feel simple and easy. You will start feeling the changes happen in the first session! And as we go along you will notice more and more serendipitous situations and gifts showing up in your life.

Imagine thinking about a place you’d like to go…and suddenly there’s an offer to house sit for someone in that place! What if synchronicities like this became a way of life for you?

How would it feel to be able to have the clients you’ve always dreamed of without selling your soul or seducing them into working with you? And to have the kind of money coming in that you always thought was out of reach?  

How would it feel to be healed and healthy and living with the wisdom of your body instead of being tossed around by symptoms? What would living in harmony with unconditional peace feel like?

That’s the kind of feeling this program is designed to make possible.


  • Feel deeply heard and seen, maybe for the first time!
  • Gain the support to have your vision become real
  • Become truly Free of what others think
  • Allow Spirit/God/Source Energy to guide you in a truly personal way
  • Know in your “knower” that you are on the right path for your life
  • Receive compassionate guidance from caring, supportive mentors and peers
  • Find true acceptance for yourself
  • Get real proof that your gifts are there for your highest good and for the good of everyone

When you allow for the big vision to be embodied it is a relief! You don’t have to save the world. Let go and focus on what’s in your heart. You can be in the flow of creation and love by receiving the support to do so. And then you are actually are saving the world without striving or trying!

Here’s what one client has said:

“We went very deep into the roots of my soul and started clearing it out. I recognized who I am in my soul and who I really am.

I see myself as healthy, peaceful, happy. Becoming a healer.

You have changed my life and my family’s life as well.”

And another client: A truly life-altering experience. I recommend Dr. English to everyone I know. The first time I saw Dr. English was for performance anxiety. I have always had some anxiety singing in front of people, whether it’s 2 or a few hundred but I’ve learned to just deal with it and do it. After landing a short gig projected to have an audience of 4,000 people, along with several of the 2016 Presidential Candidates, to say I had nervous butterflies was a large understatement.

Several weeks before the event, just thinking about it would make my heart race, hands shake, palms sweat and cause some shortness of breath. 

After ONE session with Dr. English, it all disappeared. I felt calm, cool and collected and knew I was going to nail it. Even in the last few minutes before I got on stage, even in the few seconds I held the microphone under bright lights, in a completely silent room with thousands of eyes all on me, I felt better than I have ever felt on stage.  Being able to let everything go made for an incredible experience.

I wake up happier every day and I know that whatever life throws me, I can handle it, and everything is going to be okay if I let it be. 

I feel the difference and my family and friends have all noticed the transformation.

Whether you are looking to improve your quality of life or have an urgent need for help, Dr. English can do it all. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and the transformation has been life-altering. 

Thank you, Dr. English for guiding me and teaching me how to allow myself to grow into the person I’ve always wanted to be.”  

What Will You Experience When You Join BE YOURSELF NOW?

BE YOURSELF FULLY NOW is a 6-month program that will bring you into the knowingness and beingness of your expanded, highest self always with the alignment of Spirit/God/Source Energy.

You will receive:

  • Six Months of Weekly, private 1-on-1 calls for healing, support and guidance ($10,000 value)
  • 12-20 minute “anytime calls” you can use for support, celebration or clarity during the 6-month course ($5000 value)
  • Bi-weekly recorded group calls for sharing and support ($2500 value)
  • Tools, exercises, and accountability for your transformation ($2500 value)
  • My popular e-book Working Woman’s Guide to Wellness ($47 value)
  • Membership in my exclusive private Facebook group to share your wins and receive support for your challenges
  • Access to all videos and audios so you can process the information at your own pace and as many times as you need to achieve results

Plus, I am also including these exciting bonuses!

  • BONUS #1 – How to Write the Perfect Affirmation mp3 – A written exercise. Follow the directions and write it all out. Create the affirmation that  is your personal intention for your life. And remember Attention to your intention brings no tension! Includes one email exchange with Dr. English to fine tune your affirmation and bring the energy to it! 
  • BONUS #2 – Meditation on Abundance mp3-This short meditation brings you into alignment with the abundance that is already in the Universe so you can experience it first hand and allow more into your life.  When you feel it, you are sending it to God to fulfill your physical experience. The clearer you get the more it shows up!

When we let go of the stories, become grounded and allow our heart to be the focus, asking for what we really want – ease, effortlessness, fun, joy, love – we can allow our vision to become real.

You don’t have to do it alone…but you alone must do it. No one can do a change for you. And you are guaranteed a change by simply taking the first step!


BE YOURSELF FULLY NOW is designed for motivated entrepreneurial women who want to break through any and all limiting beliefs and step fully into a life of Purpose and Abundance.

Admission into the BE YOURSELF FULLY NOW program is by application only.

This begins with a conversation about your vision for your life.